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Curbside Chipper Program Begins May 4th!

"Help us today so we are prepared for tomorrow"


Woodside Fire is gearing up to begin providing its annual chipping service!

This service is essential in order to help maintain the quality of life and property for the citizens living in the WUI zones of our communities. By working together, we can achieve effective fire protection, education and planning.

Your participation helps us reduce the vegetative fuel load, which helps to prevent a catastrophic wildfire from occurring. We understand that during the stay at home order residents may have questions about landscaping pertaining to vegetation management.

The language and/or definition that the County of San Mateo has, or will be publicizing, in regards to what allowable or essential landscaping services will be, is as follows:

“Landscaping services for cosmetic purposes or general upkeep have to stop. Arborist, landscaping, gardening, and similar service professionals can continue only if they are necessary to maintain the habitability, sanitation, operation of businesses or residences, or the safety of residents, employees, or the public (such as fire safety or tree trimming to prevent a dangerous condition). For example, fire professionals have indicated that dry yellow grasses longer than 18 inches in height poses a fire danger that can be trimmed”.

The Woodside Fire Protection District has added some language in order to help our residents understand specifically what “fire safety or tree trimming to prevent a dangerous condition” means in terms of allowable landscape services. The following language should be adhered to when determining what specific landscaping services are allowed to be performed during the current shelter in place order:

“Fire Safety landscape projects include the removal, reduction and/or replacement of hazardous flammable vegetation, specifically, flashy fuels consisting of weeds, annual grasses and vines, as well as dead trees, vegetative material and litter that is capable of being easily ignited and endangering property as determined by the Fire Marshal. This would include the maintenance of trees by removing limbs located less than 6 feet above the ground and making sure the horizontal distance between crowns of adjacent trees, structures, overhead electrical facilities and unmodified fuel is not less than 10 feet. Deadwood and litter shall be regularly removed from trees. Maintaining the roof of all structures, free of leaves, needles and other dead vegetative growth is also a necessary part of fire safety landscaping”.

For residents of that live in the Town of Woodside:

The Town of Woodside is committed to reducing the threat of wildfire in our community.  In support of this effort, the Town Council has established the DEFENSIBLE SPACE AND HOME HARDENING MATCHING FUND PROGRAM. This program has been a huge success, and residents are encouraged to utilize this service annually.

Visit: https://www.woodsidetown.org/community/defensible-space-and-home-hardening-matching-fund-program to find out how to participate.


Your individual actions can exponentially strengthen the fire resilience of the community.  Again, we cannot thank you enough for your continued support.

Visit www.WoodsideFire.org to find out more about the Chipper Program.

Stay Safe,
Don Bullard
Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal / Fire Investigator
Woodside Fire Protection District | 808 Portola Road | Portola Valley, CA  94028

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