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What is CERT?

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The Citizens Emergency Response Team was established in 1997 to promote communitity based disaster preparedness and response in the Woodside Fire Protection District.  The district included the Towns of Woodside and Portola Valley and the surrounding unincorporated areas of Ladera, Vista Verde, Los Trancos Woods, and Emerald Lake.   WFPD has been divided into 25 Divisions and the Divisions are, in turn, divided into Neighborhood teams. Our objective is to have everyone living in the WFPD be a member of a Neighborhood Team.  In the event of any widespread disaster, such as a large earthquake, we are likely to be on our own for an extended period. In such circumstances these teams will activate.   Specifically, CERT’s goals are to establish:

  • Neighborhood teams that prepare for and respond to emergencies in their local area when the fire department is overtaxed.
  • Maintain a communications system so neighborhoods can talk  to one another and to the public safety agencies.
  • Maintain emergency containers with supplies to support established emergency shelters throughout the district.
  • Maintain safe havens for our animals [and help citizens prepare and respond to emergencies.

A training program provides classes for CERT team members to learn about how to organize their neighborhood, lead a team in a disaster and assist the injured people.  Please refer to our Training Schedule to see our latest course offerings.

CERT is supported in part by the WFPD, the towns of Woodside and Portola Valley, San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, and San Mateo County Office of Emergency Services. It is an authorized 501.C3, making it eligible to receive tax deductible contributions. CERT is governed by a volunteer board of directors.

For more info visit https://wpv-ready.org

Who is CERT?

CERT is an organization of fellow Citizens and Emergency Personnel who are:

  • Residents of the WFPD
  • Towns of Portola Valley and Woodside
  • County Representatives
  • Fire Chief and Staff WFPD
  • Red Cross Executives
  • Office of Emergency Services Representative
  • Humane Society Representatives

How can I participate?

  1. Contact: Selena Brown - Public Education Officer at 650-423-1406
  2. Contact your division leader to see if your neighborhood is already organized. If it is, call your neighborhood team leader and join the team. If your neighborhood has no team, your division leader will help you start one.

Participation in a CERT team is a good way to meet your neighbors, and requires only a small commitment of time. The rewards are an enhanced sense of community, and the confidence that you and your neighbors will be prepared to help each other in times of great stress.

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