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Draft: Fire Code Ordinance No. 13-2023

Attached is a copy of the District’s proposed Ordinance 13-2023, which, in summary, adopts and amends the 2022 California Fire Code. The proposed Ordinance includes the District’s findings supporting its amendments to the Fire Code (see Health and Safety Code Section 18941.5). The Board will hold its first reading of the proposed Ordinance 13-2023 on Tuesday, June 13 2023.  On July 25, 2023 the Board will consider (1) introducing and waiving the reading of the proposed Ordinance and (2) scheduling a public hearing for July 25, 2023, or such other date as determined by the Board, to consider adopting, amending, or rejecting the proposed Ordinance and the California Environmental Quality Act findings relating to the proposed Ordinance.

The District thanks everyone who provided their written comments to the proposed Ordinance and the District has attempted to address and respond to them.  The proposed Ordinance under consideration reflects the input that has been received.

Please note that we have attempted to identify changes from the District’s 2019 Fire Code (Ordinance 12, attached to the April 21st post), by marking the relevant language in red font.    Upon receiving written comments, additional revisions to the previous Draft Ordinance (identified as Draft 9, attached to the April 21st post), are noted on the proposed Ordinance under consideration by marking the relevant language in strike-out and blue font.  But there may be instances in which deviations are not so marked.

The District is still working on ordinances related to hazardous vegetation and flammable fuels management, including defensible space, fuel breaks, and procedures for hazardous vegetation abatement. We will keep you apprised of our schedule for the introduction of these ordinances.


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